Supervision, consultation and trainings for therapists

LICSW Supervision and consultation

Julia has been a licensing supervisor for the Minnesota Board of Social Work since 2015.

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About Julia

Supervision, consultation and trainings for therapists | Julia Clowney, LICSW Holistic Therapy St. Paul MN

Julia absolutely loves being a psychotherapist. She finds the connection between client and therapist as deep and rewarding as any in human experience. Add to that, the excitement of breakthrough techniques that genuinely create change – and Julia’s prepared to argue that we’re living in the golden age of therapy.

Julia’s psychotherapy and consultation practices blends a variety of approaches with her clients and supervisees. Alongside the core disciplines of cognitive behavioral therapy, Julia applies Hakomi mindfulness, body-based techniques, clinical intuition and Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART). The blend allows for exploration of what is surfacing in the moment, and to dive deeply into whatever issues are most important. In a safe and productive haven, grief, loss and confusion can be approached, and patterns broken. Some of these breakthroughs are small and helpful; others are life changing.

Julia has used clinical intuition her entire career, and has recently deepened her research into it using methods developed by Terry Marks-Tarlow. Clinical intuition is just another way of talking about neurological connections, and of paying special attention to the perceptions and insights that emerge from the unconscious during conversation. Leaning on current neuroscience, we can remap the mind to different patterns and habits of thought. Helpful descriptions of this approach can be found in Marks-Tarlow’s works Clinical Intuition in Psychotherapy: the Neurobiology of Embodied Response (Norton, 2012) and Psyche’s Veil: Psychotherapy, Fractals and Complexity (Routledge, 2013).

Julia was first licensed in clinical social work in 1997, and practiced in Pennsylvania and California before moving to her current home state, Minnesota. Julia established her full-time, private practice in St Paul in 2007. Her goal is to create greater well-being in her clients’ lives, and to help spread the powerful, easily integrated tools she’s found over her decades of experience.